EIN Lookup New York What You Need to Know

If you require your Employer Identification Number (EIN) for your business in New York, you may be wondering how to perform an EIN lookup. This can be done in several ways, the easiest method being by looking over previous tax returns. For more information on how to perform an EIN lookup in New York keep reading this easy-to-follow guide. 

How To Lookup An EIN Number In New York

Suppose you’re looking for a quick and easy way to perform an Employer Identification Number (EIN) lookup for your business. In that case, the simplest solution is to look at any previously filed tax return documentation. It is a legal requirement for companies registered in New York to put their EIN on the documents they submit to the IRS. 

However, there are several methods you can follow when you need to lookup an EIN for a New York company. In this guide, we’ll take you through how to perform an EIN lookup for New York businesses. All companies should have an EIN assigned to their company, and there are various databases you can use to get hold of them. 


What is an EIN?


An EIN is a tax identification number (TIN) given to businesses responsible for the employment of others. It helps the IRS identify companies for tax purposes. There are also several benefits for New York businesses when they have EINs. Take a look at our blog post on what an EIN is, which provides a comprehensive guide. 


How do I look up the EIN for my New York company?


For New York companies with EINs, there is the option to contact the IRS Business and Speciality Tax Line at 1-800-829-4933, which operates between the hours of Monday-Friday 07:00 and 19:00 taxpayer local time. Calling the expert tax line is easy; however, the wait times, while you’re on the line, are often slow, and you will need to answer several questions before they perform a New York business search for you. 

When looking up an EIN for your New York company, you can have a professional company like EINsearch perform an EIN lookup for you. With an EIN lookup service, you can simply input the relevant information, and the EIN for the New York business will likely be given to you immediately, provided that all the information you provide is accurate. The process is speedy and easy and does not take long at all. 

If you have a close working relationship with the New York company you require their EIN, it should also be possible to simply ask for it. 


Why do New York companies use EINs?


Businesses based in New York have to submit tax returns to the IRS to remain compliant with IRS regulations. An EIN also allows New York companies to register for other business tax services, such as payroll upon hiring employees. 

New York companies can also apply for business banking products when they have an EIN associated with their company. Banks will offer New York businesses business bank accounts, business credit cards, and other, more premium resources specifically for businesses. 

EINs are also used by companies that are registered in New York as a means of keeping personal and business expenses separate. Additionally, some companies may require their New York vendors or service providers’ EINs so that they can file accurate financial reports. Some companies’ accountants may request this information, especially when reconciling statements at the end of a business financial year. 


Who in New York needs an EIN?


If you run a business and plan to take on employees, it becomes a legal obligation for you to have an EIN. However, it’s highly advisable that applications for an EIN are completed as soon as New York businesses are established, even before employees are taken on. The application process is relatively easy and will not cost New York companies anything. 

If your company is registered under any of the following titles, you will be legally required to apply for an EIN. New York companies that classify themselves as LLCs, Partnerships, Corporations, Small Businesses, or even New Businesses will need to have an EIN for their company. 


Applying for an EIN in New York


The New York EIN application process is quick and easy, especially if you choose to take the online application route. Applications are usually made for one’s own business, and it’s impossible to apply for an EIN on behalf of another New York company unless you nominate another individual as a representative for your company. 

The best way to apply for an EIN for a New York company is through the IRS online portal. This process should not take longer than 30 mins and is simply a series of questions you have to answer before submitting. After the forms have been correctly submitted, New York applications are provided with an EIN immediately. 

If it’s impossible to access the online portal, New York companies can also apply for an EIN via phone, mail, or fax. Applying for an EIN on the phone can be relatively quick depending on overall call volume and provided you fill out an SS-4 form beforehand to ensure you have all the information required during the phone call. 

Fax and mail applications usually take no longer than 4 days before New York companies are given an EIN. You can apply for a fax 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, whereas mailing an SS-4 will take about 4 weeks.


Can I look up other New York companies’ EINs?


When performing an EIN lookup for companies in New York, you do have the option of using an EIN lookup service which will give you access to many different companies’ EINs. Services such as EINsearch.com have a direct connection with the IRS that can be used to validate an EIN, as well as an extensive database that can be used to look up any EIN for any New York company, provided that they have completed the EIN application process. EINs can be recovered by conducting a simple NY business name search.


How to get an EIN in New York


If a New York company has not yet applied for an EIN, consulting this IRS site and selecting your method of application this should be the first step to take in obtaining an EIN. The IRS will send an official letter to the relevant company containing their EIN. This document should be kept safe to be available on hand when needed. If a New York company already has an EIN assigned to it, then performing an EIN lookup with EINsearch.com is the best way to get hold of a New York company’s EIN.

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