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Target Corporation Profile

Target Corporation was founded by George Dayton in 1902 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The company headquarters are located at Target Plaza, 1000 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Target is the nation’s eight-largest retailer, with over 1,800 stores throughout the United States.

The company’s fiscal year ends each year on the Saturday before January 31. The company’s CIK #0000027419 . CIK, or Central Index Key, is the number assigned by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to corporations to easily locate its filings within various online databases, such as EDGAR.

Target Corporation’s EIN Number


Target Business Information

Business Phone 1.800.440.0680
Business Address 1000 Nicollet Mal
Business City Minneapolis
Business State Minnesota
Business Zip 55403

Target Mailing Information

Mailing Address 1000 Nicollet Mall, TPS-3165
Mailing City Minneapolis
Mailing State Minnesota
Mailing Zip 55403
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What Is An EIN?

An EIN, or employer identification number, is a unique 9-digit number given to business entities by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). An EIN is to businesses what a Social Security number is to individuals.

EINs have many names, such as taxpayer identification number, federal tax identification number, employer ID number, 95 number, EIN and tax ID number.

Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers, or ITINs, are federal tax identification numbers given to non-US citizens. Non-citizens aren’t eligible for Social Security numbers, so if they operate a business within the United States, they can use an ITIN for a sole proprietorship or a single-member LLC.

How Do I Look Up an EIN?

You can find a company’s EIN:

  • On your W-2 or pay stub if you are an employee.
  • Online in the SEC’s database of EINs, EDGAR.

If the company is privately held and not publicly traded, its EIN will not be in the SEC’s EDGAR database. If you are looking for a privately held company’s EIN, you can use an EIN lookup service to easily find the EIN you’re looking for.

When Do I Need An EIN?

There are a few instances in which you’ll need an EIN to conduct certain business activities, namely if you plan to hire employees. You also must have an EIN if:

  • You plan on offering a retirement plan
  • You must file excise tax returns
  • You make purchases with or are otherwise in partnership with an existing business
  • You’re filing for bankruptcy

An EIN can also be used when you open a business bank account or business credit card, as well as to file your business taxes. 

That said, if your business is a sole proprietorship or a single-member LLC, you may be able to use your Social Security number rather than an EIN. Most businesses, however, are required to file for and obtain an EIN.

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