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Nearly Every Business In Ohio Is Required To Apply For An EIN Number In Order To Hire Employees, Pay Taxes, And More

How Do EINs Work in Ohio?

How Do I Look Up an EIN in Ohio?

If you are performing an EIN lookup for a business belonging to you, it should be fairly simple to find it on your federal tax forms, state tax forms, tax returns, and other financial documents. It is always a good idea as a business owner to have your EIN on hand since it functions in the same way that a social security number does for individuals. 

If you are searching for an EIN in Ohio for a business that you do not own, private business EINs can be tricky to find. Unlike publicly-traded businesses, EINs for private businesses are not public information. So, an EIN lookup service might be your best bet.

What Is an EIN?  

An EIN stands for employer identification number. It acts similarly for business entities as a social security number does for individuals. It is a unique nine-digit identifier, a type of federal tax id number administered by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Just as an individual fills out their social security number for employment and banking matters, most business entities must use these unique federal tax identification numbers for essential business operations.  

It is worth mentioning for anyone researching an employer identification number/EIN that they are also referred to as federal tax id numbers, federal tax identifications numbers, business tax numbers, and employer id numbers. 

How Do EINs Work in Ohio? 

Ohio businesses who have an EIN can:

  • Pay payroll taxes.
  • File tax returns.
  • Open a business banking account.
  • Open a business credit card in the business’ name.
  • Protect their privacy; the EIN serves as a social security number substitute in instances where a federal tax identifier needs to be shared.


Who Needs an EIN in Ohio?

Though there are benefits to obtaining an EIN in Ohio, not every business needs one. If your business entity falls under any of the following categories, you will need to obtain an employer identification number:

  • Any business with employees, including sole proprietors
  • Corporations
  • Limited Liability Corporations
  • Partnerships
  • Non-profit organizations with employees

The two business structures exempt from needing an EIN are sole proprietorships with no employees and single-member LLCs. Both can use their social security number (SSN) instead of an EIN. Additionally, if you’ve started a new business or you’ve recently changed your company’s structure, you must apply for a new EIN (except sole proprietors and single-member LLCs).


The employment development department is a useful resource for anyone who would like additional guidance on determining whether or not their business does need an EIN.

How Do I Find Out if a Business Is Registered in Ohio? 

A simple way to start searching for businesses registered in Ohio is to visit Ohio’s Secretary of State business search. You’ll find comprehensive advice on how to search whether a certain entity has an Ohio business license, which is a different search process than looking for an EIN. This process is not always comprehensive, and you might find that you have to enlist additional resources to assist you in your search.

How To Apply for an EIN in Ohio

The easiest and most convenient way to apply for your EIN is the EIN online portal at You can complete form ss-4 and mail or fax it. You can find more information on where to mail or fax your form ss-4 for your EIN application here. To complete this form, you will need to provide your legal company name, legal name, mailing address, type of business and your reason for applying. 
If you find that you need further assistance with your Ohio business entity search and want access to comprehensive, accurate and updated databases of EINs and other business verification services, you can get started here.

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