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TIN MatchingEasily Match And Verify Taxpayer ID Numbers

TIN Matching is an important step in the due diligence and KYC/KYB process. Not only does ensuring a TIN is correctly matched with an entity help validate the entity’s existence, but it mitigates the potential for fraud. By using our TIN matching services, organizations can also reduce potential IRS penalties for incorrect information on filings such as a 1099.

Why Use A TIN Matching Service?

Reduces The Likelihood Of Costly Penalties

The IRS continues to raise penalties for including incorrect information on filings such as Form 1099s. Using our TIN Matching services allows your organization to ensure the TIN and entity name provided match those with the IRS records.

Reduces The Potential of Fraud

One common fraud technique is to use a valid entity name and valid TIN that are not related to one another. If either one is verified independently, the results will “check out”. Through our IRS TIN matching system and one of the largest verified EIN databases in the world, our clients can verify that the entity name provided and TIN not only match each other, but also match the IRS records.

Our TIN Matching Services

TIN Matching

Bulk TIN Matching

At EINSearch we understand you are busy and your time is very valuable. This solution allows us to do the heavy lifting for you while receiving the same fast and accurate results. Simply upload a large file needing verification to our secure portal and our team will get to work conducting the TIN matching process for you.

EIN Lookup Folder

Interactive TIN Matching

If you prefer a bit more of a hands-on approach, we provide our clients with both a GUI and API user experience. These solutions allow our clients to use our interactive TIN matching system to conduct their own searches. Plans are available to support all volume ranges and multi-user options are available.

Our Customer Feedback

Overall, it’s a good system. If I had to hone in on anything, though, it is its simplicity. That makes it so much easier to train everyone else.

N.P. Vida Divina

Liberty Data has been great! They help us validate our new customers when they come onboard. They are fast, easy to work with and provide updates whenever there are any issues with the IRS. Would recommend!

D.O. Brightwheel

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What are the different types of TINs?

A Tax Identification Number, or TIN comes in several different forms. One of the most common is the social security number assigned to individuals. An Employer Identification Number, or EIN, is typically assigned to an entity such as a business, trust or estate. An Individual Tax Identification Number is assigned to those individuals that cannot receive a social security number but may still have a U.S. tax obligation.

What are TINs used for?

TINs are used for various reasons such as credit applications, opening a bank account, and other due diligence purposes. They are also used as an identifier (hence the name) for tax purposes and are regularly submitted on IRS documents such as a W-9, 1099-MISC, 1099-patr, 1099-div or other information returns.

What happens when a business does not have accurate TIN information?

If the IRS discovers incorrect information, they will typically send a notification to the filer. It then becomes the responsibility of the filer to take action to correct the mistake or be subject to penalties and interest.

What is a CP2100 notice?

A CP2100 Notice is the method by which the IRS notifies a filer that information submitted to the IRS contains incorrect information. This noticed provides the filer the details of what the IRS believes to be incorrect and the opportunity to remedy the filing

What is A B-notice?

If you are provided incorrect information on a 1099, a B-Notice can be submitted to the individual or entity that provided you incorrect information. In this notice, the person submitting incorrect information is informed of their need to provide corrected information or otherwise be subjected to a mandatory withholding on the payment they are to receive. These notices become crucial should you need to defend yourself against an imposed penalty for incorrect or missing information on a tax filing.

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