EIN Lookup Massachusetts What You Need to Know

If you require your Employer Identification Number (EIN) for your business in Massachusetts, you may be wondering how to perform an EIN lookup. This can be done in several ways, the easiest method being by looking over previous tax returns. For more information on how to perform an EIN lookup in Massachusetts keep reading this easy-to-follow guide. 

How To Lookup An EIN Number In Massachusetts

Do you need access to a Massachusetts company’s EIN? Then you’ve come to the right place. Finding a business’ EIN can be tricky if you’ve never had to do it before, and the many platforms can be daunting. The good news is once you know where to look, a Massachusetts EIN lookup is easy.

One of the easiest ways to find a company’s EIN is to search through any documentation that may have previously been filed for a tax return with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). 

However, this may not be possible. In that case, we’ve put together this post for you to give you more options for performing an EIN lookup for a Massachusetts company. 


What is an EIN? 


An Employer Identification Number (EIN) is a number given to businesses by the IRS, which provides them with information about general business operations and tax statuses. This is how taxes are tracked. EINs provide important information about the amount of tax that is paid and owned to the IRS by a business. They also keep track of aspects of a Massachusetts business, like payroll and company income. 


How do I perform an EIN lookup for my Massachusetts company?


If you run a company in Massachusetts, you will likely be required to quote your company’s EIN on tax documents. Once you have set up your company and started taking on employees, you would have been required to apply for an EIN. If you have not already done so, this should be your first port of call. 

However, if you have already been assigned an EIN, then the lookup process is relatively straightforward. You can access your company’s EIN through the IRS by calling them at 800-829-4933. You can also look at the documentation you submitted for a previous tax return, as it’s mandatory to quote your EIN on these. 

If you need assistance and need to save yourself time, there are also EIN lookup services you can use. EINsearch.com offers companies in Massachusetts a comprehensive method for looking up their EINs. This is a quick and easy way to complete an EIN lookup, as you get the information you need quickly. Once you have retrieved your company’s EIN, you should keep it in a safe place for ease of reference the next time you’re asked to present it. 


Why do we use EINs?


The IRS makes use of EINs to keep track of businesses’ tax status and other financial aspects of the business, such as tax breaks and payroll. The number also provides the IRS with information about the type of company you run, which further assists them with correctly classifying your Massachusetts company for tax. 

Massachusetts businesses use EINs mostly to manage their finances and register for corporate services like opening business bank accounts and business credit accounts. An EIN also allows employers or business owners to submit tax returns and reports that are separate from their personal finances. 

As a service provider in Massachusetts, you may also be asked for your EIN by your clients as many major companies use their supplier’s and service provider’s EINs to reconcile their accounts for their own financial reports. When you can provide the requested information, EINs help to boost professionalism and credibility, which can be especially useful for smaller companies or those just starting out. 


Who needs an EIN in Massachusetts?

If you run a company in Massachusetts that is responsible for the employment of others, then you are legally required to apply for an EIN. Although the legal requirement is to have an EIN once your business begins to take on new staff members or employees, it is strongly advised that you apply for an EIN as soon as you start up a Massachusetts company. This allows you to take advantage of products and services that are only available to registered businesses. 


How to apply for an EIN in Massachusetts


If you have recently started a company in Massachusetts and require an EIN, you will need to apply for one. The application process for an EIN is easy and only requires you to fill out a form either by mail or online and then send it to the relevant department. 

If you are in need of an EIN in Massachusetts urgently, the best way to apply for an EIN is online via the IRS online portal. The process only requires 30 minutes of your time, and once you have submitted all the information correctly, you get your EIN immediately. This is the easiest process to follow. The process is completely free and only requires a computer and internet connection. 

If you cannot complete the EIN application process online, then there are other options you can use too. You can fill out an SS-4 form by hand and send it to the IRS via post. Once the office receives the information you have sent them, they process it and confirm your EIN via post by sending you an official letter. This process takes about four weeks. Once you receive this letter, make sure you keep it in a safe place. 


What about other companies’ EINs?


If you’re in need of another Massachusetts company’s EIN, then the best way to do this is by commissioning an EIN lookup service to assist you with getting the required information. A service like EINsearch.com can help you obtain another company’s EIN. You can also ask the relevant company for their EIN directly, as it is likely that they will have this information on file. If not, then using a search service is the best option. 


How to get an EIN in Massachusetts


Whether you’re applying for an EIN for the first time or needing to perform an EIN lookup in Massachusetts, there are several options available to you. To obtain an existing EIN for your or another Massachusetts company, consult existing paperwork. If this doesn’t work, then try using an EIN lookup service like EINsearch.com to get an EIN in Massachusetts. Then as stated above, to apply for an EIN you should go through the IRS.

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