EIN Lookup Maine What You Need to Know

If you’re looking for an EIN for a Maine business entity, this guide will help you understand the process of getting one.

How To Lookup An EIN In Maine

An Employer Identification Number (EIN) is essential for businesses operating in Maine. Whether you’re trying to find the EIN for your own business or another company in Maine, this guide will walk you through the necessary steps for performing a Maine EIN lookup. 

How do I look up the EIN for my Maine company?

When it comes to performing a Maine EIN lookup, you need to have some basic information about the company. Here are some of the quickest ways to get a hold of your EIN. 

  1. Check Your Records: The first place to look for your company’s EIN is within your own records of previous IRS dealings. 
  2. Contact the IRS: If you cannot locate your EIN in your records, you can call the IRS Business & Specialty Tax Line at 800-829-4933. 
  3. Financial Institutions: Your bank or other financial institution may have your EIN on file if you used it to open a business account.
  4. Use an EIN Lookup Service: Services like EINsearch offer you a quick and easy solution for looking up an EIN for another company. 

Why should I use an EIN? 

You will need an EIN in Maine as it serves several important purposes which include:

  • Tax Filings: It is used to file federal and state tax returns.
  • Business Identification: An EIN is a unique identifier for your business, similar to a Social Security number for individuals.
  • Bank Accounts: Many banks require an EIN to open a business bank account.
  • Employee Payroll: It is necessary to report employment taxes and manage employee payroll.

Who in Maine needs an EIN?

Whether or not you need an EIN in Maine depends on which structure you’ve decided to use for your business. 


  • Corporations and Partnerships: All corporations and partnerships must have an EIN.
  • LLCs: Limited Liability Companies with more than one member or that are taxed as corporations need an EIN.
  • Non-Profits: Non-profit organizations also need an EIN for tax filings and to apply for tax-exempt status.

Another general rule is to obtain an EIN as soon as you need to start taking on employees and staff. You are legally prohibited from hiring staff and submitting tax claims if your business does not have a registered EIN. You’ll also need an EIN to apply for a business loan, open a business bank account, or take advantage of business credit schemes. 

How to apply for an EIN in Maine

Applying for an EIN in Maine is straightforward and can be done entirely online through the IRS website. Here’s how:

  1. Visit the IRS Website: Go to the IRS EIN application page.
  2. Submit Your Application: Follow the instructions to complete the online application form. Ensure you have all the required information ready, such as the business’s legal name, personal information, and the business address.
  3. Receive Your EIN: Once you complete and submit the application, you will receive your EIN immediately. If necessary, be sure to save and print the confirmation for your records.

What about other companies’ EINs?

If you need to find the EIN of another company in Maine, then an EIN Lookup service will provide you with everything you need to do so. EINsearch is the the leading platform for looking up a company’s EIN in Maine, in which users gain immediate access to a comprehensive database filled with EIN information, by simply entering a company’s name or relevant details.

Whether it’s for ensuring legal compliance, conducting financial transactions, or obtaining vital business information, EINsearch remains the best-in-class resource, offering the fastest and most thorough solution for looking up another company’s EIN in Maine.

How to get an EIN in Maine

Obtaining an EIN in Maine follows the same process as any other state since the IRS manages it at the federal level. As mentioned earlier, you can apply online through the IRS website, which is the most efficient and quickest method. You can use EINsearch to quickly search for other companies’ EINs that operate in Maine.

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